In-app Banners

Using in-app banners

Now that your app is live, and new users are arriving everyday, it's time you become acquainted with in-app banners. In-app banners can be used for a number of purposes: to promote a newsletter or event, to display subscription options, to gather emails, to offer a sale, as a one-off ad unit. Your creativity is your only limitation.


Creating an in-app banner

1. While logged into MAZ Control, hover over Experience Creator > Banners.

2. Click +Banner Group

3. Choose Visible On: Mobile/Tablet, TV

4. Input Tracking Name (not user facing, can be arbitrary) 

5. Upload a banner image. It must be 2048p x 450p, 72 dpi, PNG or JPG
5a. Important the banner will display 1548p x 450p while the users device is in portrait mode, and the full 2048 pixels when a user views in landscape mode. Please see the below image for an example and design your banner accordingly.

6. Determine the Link Type for the banner. If you input a URL, tapping on the banner will open an 3/4 page website overlay. If you create a Deeplink for the banner, it will navigate directly to an app section or menu.