Menu Layouts on Mobile

Menu Layouts for Mobile

With so many new layouts on the mobile platform, we wanted to show you all of your options in one place. Here are screenshots of all available Layouts, as well as some of our recommendations for how to best display your content. 

First, hover over the Navigation to enter Experience Creator. Once there, click into one of your already created Sections, and then click "Edit Design",


From there, you will be given various design options, one of which is the type of Layout theme for the Content in your Section. 


Carousel Layout

The Carousel layout uses big, bold images to rotate through individual content menus. The images (seen here as magazine covers) are scrolled through from left to right. This layout is great for content that can be visually represented and uses consistent sizes and branding.

Best Uses: magazine issues, journals


Edge Layout

The Edge layout design is inspired by the Instagram aesthetic. Using edge to edge visuals, the Edge view captures the attention of users as they scroll from top to bottom through content. 

Best Uses: video playlists, image heavy articles


List Layout

The List layout offers a clean and organized display of content lists. For text heavy collection of content, List layout will clearly display multiple lines of text without limiting the visuals. Additionally, this layout works very well with feed headings, which makes it uniquely suited to conveying a lot of information quickly.

Best uses: magazine articles


Mosaic Layout

The Mosaic layout is a unique aesthetic that is often associated traditionally feed-based content. Unlike all other available layouts, Mosaic is non-linear and gives the impression that the content is categorized but not chronological. This is important to know when considering the Mosaic layout for your content.

Best uses: feed-based content, mixed media playlists


Cards Layout

Similar to Edge, the Cards layout uses big images to capture users attention. The main difference here is the rounded, bubble-like frame. Also, the physical separation between pieces of content can create the sensation that what is contained is perhaps more substantial than it's Edge counterpart.

Best uses:  video playlists, longer form articles


Text Layout

The Text Layout is a highly functional, straightforward aesthetic. Staying true to it's name, it uses only text to display a listed menu. Because of that, it is an excellent choice for collections of articles that have missing images. Also great for selecting between long lists of options (as below)

Best uses: long lists of collections, text-only lists