Print 101

Print in MAZ Apps

No matter what kind of print content you have, there are just a few ways to add it to your MAZ app. Before we get to that, you will need to decide how you want the content to look. Is this going to be a fixed layout PDF (mimicking your magazine) or a dynamic layout feed (optimized reading for all devices)? To see the differences between the two views, here is a helpful comparison of PDF vs. Dynamic Layouts. 


Dynamic View

If you would like to have dynamic articles that comfortably fit any screen size, you have three options for delivering content through the app. 

RSS/Atom - While RSS is essentially web syndication, it can be a great option for re-creating traditionally print-based content. Using feeds comes with the benefit of customizability at the development level, and it simplifies the production process in MAZ. Simply, copy+paste your magazine feed in MAZ Control, and the system will do the rest.

Feed Builder - This solution makes building a feed easy enough for an intern. The pre-requisite for this solution is that your print articles are already hosted on the Internet. Using those URLs, you can copy+paste them into MAZ Control and one by one create a magazine feed. Additionally, you can add headers to the feed and stitch full page ads in between the articles.

PDF to Feed - What we call our "managed solution." For a fee, we will take your PDFs and transform them into a working feeds. With this solution, there are important caveats. One, the first PDF to Feed conversion will take a few weeks and likely come back with imperfections. After a round of edits and feedback, we will deliver another feed. The second thing is that a portion of your production and design is completely out of your hands. Small tweaks are probably not going to be an option, and you will need to be okay with that.

hPub - hPub is an HTML layout with responsive and interactive elements. If hPub doesn't ring a bell, then this option does not apply to you. 


PDF View 

If you want to retain the original PDF layout of your content, you have three options in MAZ apps. The first, MAZ PDF, is it's own app platform. The other two options are how you will include a PDF in your Phoenix app.

MAZ PDF - A highly functional PDF-based app solution. This is the original MAZ platform and it is incredibly feature rich. Once your PDF is uploaded, you can incorporate linking, in-line media, pre-cover pages and more. If you want to create a PDF-only app, this is your best bet.

PDF Only (Phoenix) - When creating a new Content Menu, you can upload a PDF to represent a single issue or magazine. Using a PDF Only Content Menu, the reader experience will be very lean. If interactivity and rich media is essential to your reader experience, this is not the option for you (MAZ PDF is).

PDF View (Phoenix) - For those that believe ideal reading experience utilizes a dynamic layout, this is the best way to include your PDF. The app will display the articles as feeds by default, but if the reader would like to see the original page layout, they can tap 'PDF View' in the top right corner.