Creating Subscriptions

Adding subscriptions to your app

**If you can't access the Distribution Dashboard section, click 'Add Credit Card' in MAZ Control and fill out the form. Once completed, you will have access to Subscriptions.**

In Distribution Dashboard, you can manage your Subscriptions. 



There, you choose to offer Subscription Purchases or not: 



2. Under 'Subscription Type' determine what is unlocked with a subscription. 'Duration-Based' will unlock content that is released within the dates of their subscription. 'All-Access' will unlock all content inside of the app as long as the subscription remains active.

3. Determine the duration of subscriptions available and their corresponding cost. It makes sense to provide some added value to subscribing versus one-off purchases.

4. Scroll down and click 'Save'.


*Note, you'll be able to edit the copy and design of your Subscription UI in Experience Creator, UI Design.


Subscriptions Vocabulary

Feed Label - Determine how the app will refer to a feed of content. In example below, they have labeled it an 'issue' (as in "Unlock this ____")

All Access - Subscribers will have access to all content in the app. 

Duration Based - Subscribers are granted access to a selection of feeds based on a date range. If a feed's cover date falls within the subscription dates, the content will be available to the subscriber.

Subscription Title - Determine what the bottom, right section button will be titled. Here it is labeled as 'Subscription'.

Subscription Label - Determine what language will be used in reference to feed. Here they have labeled the subscription as 'Access'.