Setting up a Google Tracking ID

Google Analytics

Connecting a Google Analytics account with your app is critical. It's the only way to gather info about app usage and user behavior. Also, it's important to know that until you add this tracking ID, no data will be tracked. In other words, this data will not be added to your Google Analytics account retroactively. 

Follow these instructions for setting up your tracking ID. 

1. Go to

Sign in with the Google account you would like to be associated with the app analytics. If your website already has a Google Analytics account, you should use the same log in. This will keep your analytics consolidated. If you do not have an account, create a new account and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Under new account, select 'Mobile app'

It is critical that you select 'Mobile app' to ensure we are sending the correct type of analytics. If you leave the selection as 'Website', we will not be able to report analytics to the account.

3. Add Account Name and App Name

These are for your internal use only. Use whatever naming convention you feel comfortable with.


4. Select Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone

Google uses the industry category to improve analytics and provide more focused advice. The timezone selection will determine the timeframe used to segment data.

5. Click 'Get Tracking ID' 

Once you have your new ID, copy+paste it in MAZ Control. If your app is already active, you will need to email your new tracking ID to to add it to your account.

There is one more step to ensure we are collecting all relevant information from your app.

6. Enable Ecommerce Tracking

Click Admin > Click Ecommerce Settings > Turn on Ecommerce. Congratulations! Your Google Analytics tracking set up is complete. Now take a look at our Google Analytics Basics page and start to get familiar with inner workings of Google Analytics.