Content Access

Content Access

When you're in Experience Creator and are creating Sections and Contents, you will see in the Edit Content window  that you can determine how users can access a menu. A 'Free' content will be open to all app users. A 'Locked' content will be visible as well, but users will need to pass a paywall to unlock it.



Access Types

Subscription/Paywall - users that have an active subscription or membership will be automatically granted access to the content. If not, they will be prompted to subscribe before viewing the content.

In-App Purchase - users must pay to access the content regardless of their membership status

Both - users without memberships will be prompted to either subscribe or to purchase the content


Timed Access 

Using Timed Access you can offer free access to the menu for a specified number of minutes. As soon as the user opens a piece of content, the timer begins. If they exit, the timer will stop and resume counting when the user returns to any content in the menu. In the example below, the user has 1 minute and 54 seconds of free access remaining.

Be thoughtful about how much time you will allow. How much content will hook your readers? Are we giving away too much free access?

Turning on Timed Access is completely up to you, but it is recommended by MAZ. Nothing drives conversions more than being able to test out the product and feeling the pressure of the countdown. 



Set the price for unlocking the menu. This price setting is not universal, so think about the price in terms of the individual menu and how much content you are offering.