PDF Link Recognition

When processing your files, MAZ will recognize all links that are already baked into your PDF. This includes any links that have been manually added to the PDF in your design software of choice. After the issue's been processed, MAZ Control's Link Editor will help you further enrich your content with links, buttons, streaming capabilities and more.

If the text of your PDF has some URLs or email addresses you'd like to turn into links automatically, Acrobat Pro and InDesign can be very helpful. For a step-by-step guide for how to prepare your PDF with auto-links and then upload it through MAZ Control, please download the guide below for the software you use:

Acrobat.png InDesign.png


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    The best, I wanna know how to make the pdf with image and word layout for a magazine, and should be it how much file size. And how to use Burmese font or Myanmar Unicode? Thank you!