PDF - Web

Web enhancements allow you to add links to web pages, which will load within your app in an embedded browser.

The Tracking Name is an arbitrary name, not visible to end users, that you can use to track the performance of this particular link, as well as to auto-fill future instances of this same link. For example, if you are adding a link to in the Web URL field, you might use "Facebook" for the Tracking Name. In the future, you can just type the first few letters of "Facebook" and the editor will auto-fill the URL for you.

No Repeat simply means that this link will not repeat in the same place on future pages. If you would like it to, click it for a drop-down menu that allows you to select from the options "All Pages," "All Except," and "Every Other" (each taking effect from the current page forward, not in reverse).

Tap Trigger means that the link must be tapped to be activated. You can toggle this option to "Auto Trigger," which means the link will load automatically when the end user reaches this page.

Half Screen refers to the size of the browser drawer that will appear to load your link. You may choose either "Half Screen" or "Full Screen."

Editorial means that the link is editorial-related; toggling to "Ad" means it is advertising-related. This distinction is not visible to end users and is simply for your private tracking purposes in MAZ Stats.

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