Editing Your PDF's Design

After you've uploaded your Content, MAZ will need to process it. You will be notified by email once it has finished. This can take up to 24 hours, but usually much less.

Once the Content is processed and you have Organized it, you can enhance it with links and multimedia using the Design tool. From your MAZ Control dashboard, mouse over "Content" and select "Manage." After you've selected the app in question, click "Design" for the Content you'd like to enhance.


Navigating Through Your Content

Once in the Design editor, it is helpful to know how to navigate through the Content you are enhancing. The large, triangular arrows on either side of the image  will navigate you through the Content page-by-page, while the yellow Thumbnails button in the top right corner will open a viewer that allows you to view all the pages of your issue at one place.

Enhancing Your Design

There are two ways to add an enhancement to a page of Content. You can either draw a box over the area where you'd like your end users' tap to activate a link or multimedia, or you can add an interactive button from the menu at the top center of the screen. (If you draw a box and decide you would like to add a button to it, just click one!)

When adding an enhancement, you can choose between Web links to load in your app's internal browsers, Page jumps within your app, Video content, Audio content, an Email form, and all kinds of Commerce.

A full breakdown of each enhancement and all their functionalities follows.

Web | Page | Video | Audio | Email | Shop | Stream