Adding a PDF

Adding Content to your app is simple. All you have to do is upload your PDF and enter its info.

Upload Your Content

MAZ is a "what you see is what you get" solution, so it's important to make sure your PDF is optimal before submitting it. MAZ makes it easy to use your pre-existing PDFs, but we recommend:

  • Page dimensions of 768 by 1004 pixels, width by height, to optimize for Portrait view. (Or bigger, as long as you keep this ratio.)
  • Page dimensions of 1024 by 748 pixels, width by height, to optimize for Landscape view. (Or bigger, as long as you keep this ratio.)
  • A print-quality PDF (300dpi).
  • No bleeds, crops, or other printer's marks.
  • A file size of 200 MB or less. If your PDF is a little larger it will still work, but try to stay within this limit.

Once your PDF is ready to go:

  • Log into MAZ and mouse over the "Content" button in the navigation bar.
  • Select "New," then choose the appropriate PDF file from your harddrive.
  • Depending on the size of the file, the upload may take some time to complete. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection before beginning your upload, and do not leave the page while the PDF is uploading.


Edit Info

During or after your upload, you can click on the "Info" tab and begin entering details for your new Content. The tip column on the right side of the form features pictures illustrating each step, so be sure to look there if you'd like visual cues to help you along.

Content Name is the title will be displayed in the app for this piece of Content. [32 character limit]

Apple Price is the price for this particular piece of Content in the Apple App Store, set in USD. In the app world, it's generally good practice to have consistent pricing, and to offer some free Content as a promotional giveaway.

Android Price is the same, except for the Google Play and Kindle Fire stores. Please use USD here, as well.

Cover Date is your Content's cover date. If you offer subscriptions, cover dates are used to determine which Content is included in a subscription.

Digital Release Date is not visible to your readers, but it determines when the Content will be released within your app.

Landscape Default is what readers will automatically see when they turn their device horizontally for reading purposes. 2-Page Landscape is the industry standard, but if you’d rather have it simply zoom in for the current page, select 1-Page.

Description is the text that will be displayed beside your Content in the app. [190 character limit, 10 character minimum]

Publish To is where you determine if you'd like to publish this Content exclusively to Apple iOS, exclusively to Android, or to both. The Android option is only available if you have a Multi-Platform or Enterprise account with MAZ.