MAZ PDF App Info

App Name is the name that will be displayed on the device under your app icon. It can be the same as or different than your App Store name. [13 character limit] 

App Store Name is the name that will be displayed in the App Stores before it is downloaded. It can be the same as or different than your App Name. Please leave blank if you would like it the same as the App Name.

Description is what will be displayed in all of the App Stores for prospective customers, as well as in the app under the “About Us” section. [4000 character limit]
Primary Category and Secondary Category each provide a list of categories to help customers discover your app in the App Stores.
Keywords are words and phrases that can help get your app in front of users searching for such terms on the App Stores. Please separate keywords using commas. [100 character limit]
Copyright is where you should enter any pertinent copyright information for your app. [1024 character limit]

App Defaults determine what users see when they first open your app:

  • Storefront View - All the issues of your magazine be displayed in Grid View, Stack View, or Stream View

  • Auto Open - What you choose for Storefront view will open every time your user opens the app.
Website is the URL accessible from within the app when users tap on “Visit Website,” and will also be linked from your listing in the App Stores. If your website solicits donations, Apple requires that the website launch in Safari instead of inside the app itself.
Twitter Handle is your complete Twitter handle. If your Twitter URL were, then you would enter 'mazdigital' in this field. We use this to integrate your Twitter feed into your app.
App Ratings are an age-appropriate rating Apple assigns your app depending on its content. The ratings are 4+, 9+, 12+, or 17+.
  • Cartoon or Fantasy Violence refers to unrealistic depictions of pain or violence.
  • Realistic Violence refers to graphic and believable depictions of pain or violence.
  • Nudity or Sexual Content refers to depictions of sexual activity or nudity of any kind.
  • Profanity or Crude Humor refers to the use of cuss words, or otherwise crass language.
  • Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs refers to the presence of controversial substances of any kind.
  • Mature or Suggestive Themes is a general catch-all that can be thought of as a sum of all the other categories.
  • Simulated Gambling refers to any in-app simulation or glorification of betting.
  • Horror or Fear Themes refers to any depiction, real or fictional, of deliberately frightening content.
  • Graphic Realistic Violence and Graphic Sexual/Nudity are banned by Apple standards. We cannot approve apps with content of this nature. If you submit anything with this type of content you will be removed from MAZ without refund or warning.