Add a Section and Content Menu

How to Add a Section Menu

1. Hover over Navigation, click Experience Creator name and click + Section

2. Name your Section

3. Add Sub-Title and Description

4. Determine the platform(s) that this section will be visible on


5. Determine if you want to Show Banners, if it's Sponsored

7. Review Advanced Options

8. Click Save

Click into new Section and you will move into a new menu, where you can click + Content 


Content Types


RSS/Atom - If you have RSS/ATOM feeds available for your content, just copy+paste the URL and the app will populate with any new feed content. For more information on feed formatting, please review our Feed Documentation article.

PDF to Feed - If you have not discussed this with your point person at MAZ, do not select this option. This is our managed solution. Simply, you will upload your PDF content (eg, magazine) and we will reprocess it into a feed-based format. Please note: using the PDF to Feed converter will have associated fees on a per page basis. 

PDF Only - You see what you get. This type of menu will display the uploaded PDF in a very basic reader layout. This is a great option for quickly creating a catalogue of back issues in the event that you don't have that content in the appropriate formats.


Feed Builder - A highly flexible option for creating your own feeds. Using the feed builder, you will simply copy+paste content URLs into the builder and one by one create your own feeds. Creating one-off "playlists" or "editor's picks" has never been this easy 

MRSS - The industry standard for a feed of video content. Many video hosting platforms will spit out some form of MRSS feed. You will simply copy+paste the URL of your MRSS feed, and the app will pull in new content from the feed.

Live Video - Another one of those very self-explanatory titles. To include live video content in your app, you will need an active HLS stream URL. If you're not sure what that is, then you probably won't need to use it. 

Simulated Live Video - Using simulated live video will give the appearance that a video is playing live. In reality, you will simply upload an MRSS feed/playlist that will continuously loop. This is advantageous in the TV environment because your audience will instantly be drawn into the content without barrier to entry.

Smart Feed - is a targeted feed that you create in Media Manager based on tags. This feed will search through headlines, article bodies, descriptions, meta tags and keywords, in order to create a thematic feed. Useful for recommendations, on-the-fly editorials, instant issues and more. 


Content Menu Vocabulary

Visible On - Select to show this menu on Mobile/Tablet, TV or both. Keep in mind, a section that is going to be displayed on TV can only contain video content.

Active - We have made it easy to turn a menu on/off. If this box is checked as Active, the menu will be visible in the app. If this box not checked, it will not be visible to the end user.

Show Banners - Determine whether or not banners will be displayed in this menu of the app. For more information on banners, take a look the Banners page.

Article Extraction - Toggle On/Off whether you'd like articles to load via MAZ Templates or the web view. 

Sponsored - Determine if the section will be marked as a sponsored area of the app. 

Name - The menu name is how the menu will be referred to in the app.

Type - Content menus can only contain content.

Content Type - This is perhaps the most important selection you will make AND it can't be changed once the menu is saved. Please review the content types above for more clarity.

Image - choose an image that will be used to represent this content menu in a visual selector.

Feed URL - A feed URL will come in a variety of formats depending on the selected Content Type. 

Access - Determine if this will be free content or locked behind a paywall. There are a handful of options when it comes to access, so for a deeper dive, visit the Access and Subscriptions page. 


Mobile/Tablet Options

Mobile/Tablet Layout - Determine the organizational display of sub-section menus and content menus in this section. To better understand what each section looks like and how it works, take a look at our Mobile Sections and Tablet Sections pages.

TV Options

TV Layout - Determine the organizational display of sub-section menus and content menus in this section. To get a better sense of these different layouts, take a look at the TV Layouts page.

Background Type - Each section of a TV app can have it's own background type. This can drastically change the feel of the app. To get an idea of what different backgrounds look like and how they work, visit our TV Background Types page.

Logo - While a TV app has a primary logo, you can decide to have section specific logos. This logo will live in the middle of the top navigation bar of the app.

Display in Top Shelf - TVOS users can designate a number of apps as their "top shelf" apps. This basically gives them a zoomed in view of the app when hovering over it. If you would like to feature this particular content in that top shelf, you can tick this box.