Adding a Section

How to Add a Section

1. Go to the Experience Creator and click "+ Section"

2. Determine the platform(s) that this section will be visible on

3. Proceed filling out the form (see Section vocabulary below)

4. Click 'Save'


Visible On - Select to show this section on Mobile/Tablet, TV or both. Keep in mind, a section that is going to be displayed on TV can only contain video content.

Active - We have made it easy to turn a section on/off. If this box is checked and a section is Active, the button will display along the bottom of the app. If this box not checked, it will not be visible to the end user.

Show Banners - Determine whether or not banners will be displayed in this section of the app. For more information on banners, take a look the Banners page.

Sponsored - Determine if the section will be marked as a sponsored area of the app. 

Name - The section name will be displayed differently on each platform. On mobile/tablet, the name will exist directly underneath the corresponding section icon. On TV, the section name will be displayed in the top navigation bar.



Icon - the section icon will be linked with the section name on mobile/tablet devices. Consider how the icon can change the context or understanding of the section name.

Mobile/Tablet Layout - The layout that you select will determine how sub-sections and content will be displayed within this section. To better understand what each section looks like and how it works, take a look at our Mobile Sections and Tablet Sections pages.



TV Layout - Determine how sub-sections and individual videos in this section will be organized. To get a better sense of these different layouts, take a look at the TV Layouts page.

Background Type - Each section of a TV app can have it's own background type. This can drastically change the feel of the app. To get an idea of what different backgrounds look like and how they work, visit our TV Background Types page.

Logo - While a TV app has a primary logo, you can decide to have section specific logos. This is where you will upload a section logo. This logo will live in the middle of the top navigation bar in the app.


Advanced Options

Deeplinking - If you would like a section button to open a specific sub-section, you can create a deep-link to it. As of now, you can only deep-link to another menu within the same section.