Getting Started: Notification Wizard

Notification Wizard is your go to for Push Notifications. You can author new notifications, schedule them, and see how they performed. 


 Once you create a Push Notification, you can manage drafts and scheduled ones in the dashboard. Push Notifications are one of the top marketing tools you can utilize to keep your users engaged and informed of news and updates. We see Push Notifications bringing 2X the amount of sessions to an app on days they're sent out. Definitely give it a try if you haven't yet, in order to enable, please reach out to



Authoring Push Notifications is easy - give it a Tracking Name, put in the Text Copy, choose a Link to bring a user to (if any), and then schedule the time/date/platform you want it sent to. 


Note at the bottom left, you can set "Available in All Countries" in order to send specific push notifications to specific countries or continents, known as Geo Push. This feature is great for location based news or information. In order to see this option, go into Distribution Dashboard's "Geo Fencing" section and toggle "Display All Content In All Countries" from Yes to No.