Create a Smart Feed for Recommendations

Media Manager is a CMS tool for created recommendation feeds, as well as authoring articles or image galleries.  

The types of media you can choose to create are Article, Image or Smart Feed -- 


Smart Feed, is your go-to for creating a smart recommendation feed, one that can showcase to your users any similar content that they might enjoy based on what they like. Choose a Title, Subtitle, Description, and input Search Tags. These search tags will filter through your content headlines, description text, and meta tags to create a filtered "Smart Feed" that you can update on the fly. 


Any Smart Feed you create will show up in your dropdown menu in +Content in Experience Creator


Once you choose Smart Feed...

2. Add in your Feed URL

3. Select your Feed (you will have already created this in Media Manager) 

4. Choose whether you want this to be Free or Locked content

5. Choose whether to Share Content URLs (allowing users to share from your feed) 

6. Enter your Sub-Title and Description

7. Choose if visible on TV and Mobile.Tablet

8. Choose if you want the feed active or not

9. Comb through Advertising Options, regarding Banners and Ads

10. Review Release Options, if there's a specific release or unlock date associated with the feed

11. If any Magazine specific Options, please check out

12. And within Advanced Options, choose any deep link specifics.