UI Design: General Interface

Begin building out your TV App UI Design here. Fill out App Name, and upload your TV Logo (height: 150px, transparent background, 72 dpi, PNG).

You'll upload related Endpoint assets such as (these will vary based on the Endpoints you choose):

  • Apple TV App Icon (1280x768px, no transparency, 72dpi, PNG)
  • Roku App Icon in HD (336x210pxm, no transparency, 72dpi, PNG) 
  • Roku App Icon in SD (248x140px, no transparency, 72dpi, PNG) 

And begin building out your general interface UI:

Theme Color, Saved Label (choose between My Queue, Saved, Favorites, Bookmarks or type in your own) , Choose a Save Icon and Selected Icon, or upload your own, and choose your Subscribe Label (options are Subscribe, Premium, Access, Membership, or type in your own)