Geo Fencing

Now you can make feeds selectively available by country! This feature is useful for partners with international news.

As detailed in Distribution Dashboard, you’ll see a section at the bottom labeled: Geo Fencing. The default will be set to display all content in app countries. If you choose "No", you’ll be asked to choose a Default Country, which will default to the United States unless otherwise selected.


If you choose “No” then you have the option to choose which countries can access what content.

Head on into Experience Creator. As you add Content or edit Content, you'll be able to selectively choose which feeds are available in what countries. Click into your Content (ie: RSS feed) and then click "Setup" on the right hand side (next to Mobile Default and Actiive). 

Within Setup, you'll see a dropdown menu under Release Options. Here is where you can choose whether that content is available in All Countries or not. If you uncheck it - you’ll be able to check entire continents or go country by country.