Banners, Sponsor Screens, In-App Purchases

Here are some ways to visualize your Banners, Sponsor Screens and In-App Purchases. 


Banners: Access Banners through Ad Center (dropdown in Experience Creator), click +Banner, and upload your Banner Image (1966x400p, 72dpi, PNG or JPG), choose where visible (TV + Mobile/Tablet), insert Tracking Name, and Deeplink. 



Sponsor Screens: Access Sponsor Screen through Ad Center, click +Screen. Choose where visible (TV + Mobile/Tablet), insert Tracking Name, upload Sponsor Logo (1200x600p, transparent background, 72dpi, PNG, max size 1MB), choose Background Type (Single Color, Gradient, or Image) and then choose colors or upload image accordingly. Choose duration time of screen (between 1-5 seconds). 



In-App Purchases: You'll be able to choose In-App Purchases per section, content or item within App Creator...