Getting Started: Experience Creator

Experience Creator is where you set up your Phoenix app. This includes: UI Design, + Section and + Content, as well as Notification Wizard (where you schedule out push notifications), Banners (to create banner groups), and Ad Center (your ad settings). 


UI Design - on the top left when you enter Experience Creator, and also in the dropdown menu:




Once your in UI Design, you'll be able to design nearly every aspect of your UI, by toggling the top right options. 




You can choose from General Interface, Saved Section, Metering + Call To Action, Subscribe Section, User Registration, Apple Watch and iOS Widget:


Go into the DESIGN articles for in depth explanation on each of these and what that looks like! 


Once you choose your App Design, you can start building out your app. Create +Section and +Content, choose the icons, choose your content type, choose your app themes. This is the fun part! 



+Section is how you begin creating the content silos for your app. You can name your section anything, from Magazine, News, Video, to Recipes, Photography, Shopping, to Top 10, Editor's Choice, to whatever you want. Choose if you want this section visible on Mobile/Tablet, TV, if you want it to be active in the app, to show banners, and be a sponsored Section.



Once you've created a few Sections, you can make them Active, you can edit them per platform, and if you click into a specific one, you can edit the design and add content (or create sub-sections for more in depth hierarchy).



For example, tap into 5 Minute Yoga, you will be shown an option to "Edit Design" or add another Section or add Content. 


If you click "Edit Design", you can change the icon from the default. Choosing a camera for Photography...




There are a lot of Section Icons to choose from! 



Then you can choose your theme -- 


When you tap +Content, you have to Name your content, and choose your Content Type. 



Phoenix supports RSS/Atom, MRSS, Feed Builder, Smart Feed, PDF to Feed, PDF Only, Simulated Live Video, hPub, JSON and Vimeo


Once the type of content is chosen, you add in the rest of the information pertaining to your content: 

Decide if the Content is Free or Locked, Sub-Title, Description. Choose the Layout, Images, Logos, Ad Options, and more. We will go much more in depth on Section and Content in posts dedicated just to those! For now, welcome to Experience Creator