Adding a Section

How to Add a Section

1. Go to the Experience Creator and click "+ Section"



2. Determine the platform(s) that this section will be visible on (TV, and/or Mobile+Tablet)

3. Proceed filling out the form (see Section vocabulary below)

4. Click 'Save'


Visible On - Select to show this section on Mobile/Tablet, TV or both. Keep in mind, a section that is going to be displayed on TV can only contain video content.

Active - We have made it easy to turn a section on/off. If this box is checked and a section is Active, the button will display along the bottom of the app. If this box not checked, it will not be visible to the end user.

Show Banners - Determine whether or not banners will be displayed in this section of the app. For more information on banners, take a look the Banners page.

Sponsored - Determine if the section will be marked as a sponsored area of the app. 

Name - The section name will be displayed differently on each platform. On mobile/tablet, the name will exist directly underneath the corresponding section icon. On TV, the section name will be displayed in the top navigation bar. 

Advanced Options

Deeplinking - If you would like a section button to open a specific sub-section, you can create a deep-link to it. As of now, you can only deep-link to another menu within the same section.