Navigating MAZ Control (Phoenix + TVX Partners)

Once you become a Phoenix or TVX partner, MAZ Control will become your new best friend, as this is where you're create and manage your apps. It may seem daunting at first, but it's streamlined into different categories as you work...


Experience Creator: encompasses all things App Level 

  • Experience Creator: (formally known as App Design), is where you can set up feeds, sections, and general UI, themes and branding.
  • UI Design: is where you can brand the language and theme of the General Interface of your apps: Saved Section, Metering and CTA screens, Subscriptions, User Registration, Apple Watch, iOS Widgets and more.
  • Notification Wizard: to schedule, create and cancel push notifications.
  • Ad Center: to create banner ads, sponsorship launch screens, and finesse your ad integrations with our third party networks.
  • Analytics: which pulls in iTunes Connect and Google Play download data.  


Media Manager: is all things content management. You can Add Media in the form of an article, image gallery, PDF, deeplink, and video. And then organize content within Media Manager.


Distribution Dashboard is where you’ll fill out your device output checklist, called Endpoints. All App Info is in Distribution Dashboard, and Unlock Codes is where you can activate access codes.